Smithfield to home

I was in Salt Lake City on library business on 24 September 2016 and used the northward trip to retrieve the truck.  Thanks to a kind offer (and large Dodge truck) from Doug Saunders, and with the help of Shane Roskelley and his father-in-law (who lives next door), we pulled Old Green out of the mire and onto a car-carrier trailer.  Yeah, we did have to jack it up once and push the back wheels onto the ramps.

Doug towed it as far as SLC, then it travelled the rest of the way behind a UHaul loaded with books.  Getting it off-loaded required inflating the back tires, anchoring the back end to the house, and pulling the UHaul forward.  That dark spot seated on the ground in the last image is a helpful daughter who wants a hand in dad’s next project.


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