First things first. . . .

Green has been sitting out in a pasture, remember?  The cousins used his forehead as a BB-gun target (more about that later).  Wasps, raccoons, and other critters have been squatting without invitation.  In short, Green is a bit of a mess.

Spent some time cleaning out the cab and getting down to bare metal.  Took out the front seat (though not the seat frame yet).  I was surprised how much relevant stuff showed up.

Yeah, there was lots of trash, which got tossed, but here is a partial list of what useful things surfaced:  the original bakelite knob for the heater regulator, the missing knob for the passenger-side window crank, the original sun visor (that one was broken and will have to be replaced), a bottle of transmission fluid, a floor-mounted dimmer switch for the headlamps (remember those?), and all sorts of other loose stuff.  I’ll feature the paperwork later.  Most of it is in quite delicate condition and will need some conservation work (thankfully I used to be a paper conservation tech, so I can do that myself).


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