In the beginning was the word. . .

A truck restoration is nothing more than a puzzle with no straight edges.  It took only a few days of effort cleaning out the cab to realize I at least need a picture of what a completed truck looks like so I can tell what parts are missing, broken, corroded, or just don’t match well.

Enter the discovery of Faxon Auto Literature, a company specializing in reproduction automotive shop manuals, assembly guides, promotional literature, and the like. I now have a detailed view of the truck and the way it (correctly) goes together, part by part.


I’d like to think I am a natural mechanic. The truth is, I’m a weekender and not one with a lot of talent or tools (yet).  I am more than a little nervous about tearing into machinery, and especially machinery for which the plan is to maintain the look of the family heirloom that it is. Consider these volumes my printed security blankets.



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