A rose by any other name

Thanks to the GM Heritage Center‘s Vehicle Information Kits, I know a little more about Green. The folks there have put up digital versions of the internal information sheets produced for many older vehicles.  I don’t know how widely they are distributed, but they are full of useful information.  Some of it, of course, is duplicated in the assembly and shop manuals, but it’s nice to have anyway.

After a little more exploring I discover that Green is a model 3604 pickup:  3000 is the pickup truck series, 3600 is the 3/4-ton or medium-duty truck class, and model 3604 means that it was assembled and delivered as a completed pickup.  Trucks could be ordered in a variety of configurations for immediate use without modification, or to allow custom-built coachwork to be put on an off-the-line chassis.

 Besides the model 3604 (a complete pickup, like Green), in 1949 one could buy a 3/4-ton Chevy model 3602 (a flat-face cowl: a chassis with a front hood and fenders but without a windshield, cab, or body), 3603 (chassis and cab [no bed]), 3608 (cab and flatbed), 3609 (cab and stake bed), or 3612 (cowl with a windshield but still no body).  The 3100-class 1/2-ton light-duty pickup and 3800-class 1-ton heavy-duty pickups came in similar options.

So, to put it all together, the green truck is properly:

a 1949 3/4-ton Chevrolet model 3604 Thriftmaster medium-duty pickup truck

Wow.  Feel’s a little like I’ve added a name to the Roskelley genealogy.


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