Second things first.

Reality check–I have the Green Truck but nowhere to actually work on the truck.  So, a couple of weeks ago as this reality sunk in, I had to come up with a better option.  As you can see from the photo below, Dear has allowed me to take over a third of the garage for family purposes involving storage and Manly Purposes involving sawdust.

Though I rather like this setup (woodworking being cheaper than therapy), it does impose limits.  Time to reset the space and move something out. That would involve new storage of some sort.

So, here is the shed, built this past weekend with the worst-quality nails I have ever used and despite tendinitis in my right knee.  No, I can’t store Green in it, but I can move the yard tools and implements into it from the garage, move the sawdust-production equipment back against the garage wall, and build some new storage racks above the overhead door.  That should provide enough room to pull Green indoors for the first time in its existence.

That’s the plan (and no comments about “the best-laid plans. . . .”).


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