Well, Green was supposed to be in the garage by now.  He isn’t.  He still occupies the front driveway and the garage is only partly cleared.  A couple of things have happened.

First, I ran out of steam.  The shed is made, but the wood shop and miscellaneous storage had to be cleared to make room for the truck.  Truthfully, on the Saturday morning that Daughter 4 and I began re-setting the garage layout, my back hurt so much from low-level inflammation in my sacroiliac joints that I could only work half a day.

This past weekend I built some 2-foot deep brackets to hang on the wall to get the wood off the floor, but–

Later that afternoon I tried trimming the middle-left fingernail with the table saw (in retrospect I cannot recommend a table saw as a personal grooming device, even if it is Delta).  While using an open jig on a dado blade to cut a mortise follow a beveled angle in some hickory, I just skinned the finger tip.  I always think through cuts and move appendages out of the way and cannot recall clearly how or why my hand was that close to the blade.  Very thankfully I did not lose part of a finger, but it is inconvenient and uncomfortable as it heals.  If I can get the wood up and the rest of the garage cleared, Green will be brought indoors for the first time in living memory.

Meanwhile, I’m staying away from the table saw.


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