Lift and t(r)uck.

Son 2 and I made a run to a couple of places in St George for necessaries yesterday. First to Harbor Freight for a couple of essential tools.  Those of you who know me are well aware I don’t like to buy or use junk of any sort, but given how often I will use a floor jack, spending $90 on one used occasionally makes much more sense than spending $150 or $250 for one I really prefer but will hardly use.


Ironically, after I bought it a coupon showed up that took another ten bucks off the price in an after-Christmas sale.  Oh well, I needed it this week.

On the trip we also picked up another wheel, and thereby hangs a tale.  Recall that I found a couple of 16×7 Ford wheels at a local salvage yard in town.  Set side by side they looked almost the same, though I could spot some differences in construction.  Last week I took the wheels down to the Tire Company to see if they had a couple of used ones. Since Green will simply sit patiently on those for awhile, all I needed is something that fit and held air. The folks there at the Tire Company were very accommodating, found two, and charged me for one. Why?  In getting the second one mounted they discovered that one rim is a 16.5x7 wheel–half an inch larger and a veritable antique these days–so the tire did not fit.  It eventually came off at the cost of the tire being damaged to the point that it was not usable; their business ethic cost them a tire but certainly won my return business.

As of this week I still needed another rim, so the other stop we made in StG was at a much larger salvage yard, Dixie Auto Salvage.  They had a couple of Econoline vans in the yard, one of which had the wheel I needed.  As you can see from the photos, all that had to be done was lift it out of the vehicle.  I went there expecting to have squirm in the dirt taking it off myself, and it was a simple walk-up job.  Got a good price on it too.  Other than stepping in a soft spot, that was all the dirty I got.  With the difference I bought a creeper for the garage (no pix of that one).

On the way home I stopped off and got Tire Company  to put a second used tire mounted on the rim.  Didn’t even charge me for that one.  Like I said, they have earned my business.


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