Brake hiatus.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. Mostly that is because I have not had time to do anything substantive at all.  Too busy at the library, and desperately trying to complete abstracting microfilmed correspondence for the biography on which I have been working (or telling people I am working) for a quarter-century now.

I did some other 2017apr23things.  Took back the Evercraft SAE combination wrenches (Society of American Engineers or imperial standard; i.e., inches and fractions) and instead bought a set of Craftsman with both SAE and metric wrenches, having got a terrific deal on them.  That means with the snippets of time at hand I’ve begun to reset the top drawer of the tool chest.  Pictures later, right now I have to find time to get the drawer lining reconfigured so the wrenches go neatly into place.  Yes, OCD (just a bit).

This week I also bought a bore hone for the brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders (if they need it).  Tried to borrow one but couldn’t.  Have not taken it out of the package, however, because I cannot use it without someone else to take photographs.  Not only don’t I have time but I don’t have three hands.

Probably won’t get the brake cylinder honed this week because I am on the road for state consortium meetings and development work.  No rest for the wicked–or for a dean, for that matter.  Maybe that’s the same thing?

2017apr23-2[Update]  I finally finished setting the drawer for the set of Craftsman open-ended wrenches I bought to replace the set I returned.  I really like these, not least because when I run a fingernail up or down the row I get an ascending or descending musical tones.

The yellow mats are two of the kids’ old play tiles, about half an inch thick and much nicer than the black stuff for those with failing eyesight.



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