Ok–so we’re back from the China trip, Scout camp, and as of yesterday I am back from the week-long RBMS conference at Iowa City.  I am ready for a rest and to get back to The Green Truck.

Or not.

After a lot of thought I’ve decided that the motor really needs to be overhauled before I tackle most of the body work.  To do that properly will require an engine hoist and stand, plus some disposable income and time.  I’ll have to pull off the hood, fenders, and cooling system to get at the motor mounts in the workspace I have.  I’ll need to build the special hoist frame required for the stovebolt motor.  I’ll have to replace the wiring completely so the motor will run properly from the cab, which means new fuses and probably gauges.

So, this may take awhile–but hey, its a DIY learning experience, and there are no time limits on that.



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